Wednesday, December 2, 2009

if i never, never, never wash the sand from my feet

So much holiday homework for German; luckily not toooo much for Eng lang apart from the 28474902 gazillion books they want us to read and take notes on (or already have done).

Chyeah, beached it up today, instead of proposed picnic. Should have bought that $10 sequin skirt, think I may need to go back to St Kilda tomorrow/soon. Cake, cookies and melting icypoles were perfect. Only went in the water up to my knees, but was still nice (: Didn't get too sunburnt either - have accepted that I don't tan and will stick with the fake stuff, not gonna let something like sunburn wreck my summer! So sunscreen is one of my best friends right now, along with mascara, paw paw ointment (which is ah-mazing on sunburn btw, if anyone needs it), loose tops and of course my human friends ;) Finally got Skins season 1 from MLF (haha milf)! Mark my words, I will have finished the first 2 seasons within 2 weeks. Hit me up with other good series/movies to catch up on over this sweet, sweet time of relaxation/intoxication.

Myer sale didn't present anything good but check out these shoulders!
Okay, so you can't see them that well (stupid phone camera) but this jacket was cropped, and I thought maybe it would be cool for dress ups (vampire, anyone? Actually I'm not even sure why vampire...). Not that I got it.

I'll pick up my VET stuff tomorrow, so will finally get to wear the first dress I've made, although pretty sure it's massive so I'll have to see if I can do something to fix that. Reeeally want to make more clothes over the summer, and also jewellery, and maybe elastic headbands? Looking for inspiration all the time.

Want to cut leggings into something like this ^

Kthanks, Y x

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thegoodkind said...

love the first photo. also, the blazer looks similar to the one jennifer hawkins wore in last months bazaar