Monday, November 30, 2009

'cause you're so intoxicating

Berauschen is the German verb meaning to intoxicate. Putting 'define: intoxicate' into Google gave me:
elate: fill with high spirits; fill with optimism
I bet you would have thought something about alcohol, hey? (Okay, so that was there, but this was the first entry and my fave!) Anyway, Summer (!!!!!) officially starts tomorrow and this is exactly how I want it to be - feeling elated, high-spirited and optimistic aaaall holidays, and making sure everyone I'm with does too; I want to intoxicate them (: Possibly (probably) this will involve alcohol at some stage but mostly just being intoxicated by the amazing thing that is HOLIDAYS.

I'm not exactly sure yet what this blog will be about. I think of all these things to write down but they sound so much better in my head... when I start writing them, they're completely lame. If you start reading a post and it's lame, I give you permission to stop reading. I really don't mind. Originally I wanted it to be just about fashion buuuut I'm not a good enough Internet surfer to be able to make an awesome fashion blog. So hopefully it'll still be about fashion, and just everything about summer and holidays, including music, friends, movies and whatever.

Catch, Y x