Thursday, January 28, 2010

if you ain't doing nothing, let's fly away, drive away, get away

Really being lazy about blogging. So, I took some photos of the new shoes I talked about in the last post (and my cute new undies) but now I can't find the camera. Gooood.

Tried on a couple of pairs of pants like this in Bardot last week, looked disgusting on, dammit.

Also, tried on a jumpsuit a bit like this one (from Lady Melbourne), have been looking for one for aaages - I think I saw one on Taylor Momsen a long time ago and fell in love:
Unfortunately, the Bardot one wasn't quite (at all) right.

So anyway, Tuesday morning, went with my mum and aunty (over from Perth) to the first open training session for the Saints of the year. Got me so excited for the AFL season this year, and also my season (yes, I play footy :D). It was a bit boring, especially because we could only stay for a couple of hours and they didn't get into much before we left. Went to Eng Lang tutoring with the girls, not too bad. Then Dad picked me up and we drove to Bendigo, getting Turkish pizzas on the way, yum. Think I did a bit of homework that night then organised to see KH the next day.

Next morning, went for a bit of a drive, and I wasn't too bad, did some not so bad starts in the manual. Dad dropped me at K's and we chilled for a bit before going and seeing Avatar. Unfortunately the 3D glasses weren't great and actually kinda hurt my eyes. But yep, the graphics were good and the intense-ness of the end (which was actually about the last third of the movie) was good, but a little gross. Headed back to K's and had dinner, watched Neighbours/tennis/7pm Project and then later, Skins. Which I still haven't finished! Didn't go to bed too late.

Dad picked me up Thursday morning and I went driving again, this time I was crap. Basically. Drove back to Melbs to go to work at 4.

Was hoping to go to the Aus Open on Friday but didn't have anyone to go with. This is the time of the year, every year, when I get nostalgic about tennis. Makes me sad that I don't still play, although I got bad again after being good a few years back.

Saturday, went into work at 11, was supposed to work till 4 but ended up leaving at 2 'cause it was really quiet. So then headed all the way to Belgrave/Emerald to warm AO's new house. Had a nice night with a few of the girls and A's godfather's granddaughter (right?). In the morning, got home in just over 2 hours, whereas on the way up, we had a little stuff up so it took over 3 1/2 hours.

Caught the train with MLF to ZG's on Monday arvo, and met up with JR and DLT at the station. Had a fun Dryads night. Pretty much planned Chorals and had crazy times on the trampoline with pegs and playing poker later. Mum picked me up later and dropped J and D at Richmond station.

Tuesday - BIG DAY OUT! Bit of a screw up in the morning so went with SS and got there like 1 after waiting to get in for about an hour. Anyway, AO and AD met us and we went to line up for silent disco. A couple of us headed over to Kisschasy 'cause the line was preeetty long, but they were giving away a drumstick or something when we got there, so didn't see any performing. Although, I still liked when the singer yelled 'one, two three!' - still sounded sing song-y (: So went back to silent disco and had mad times. Got so hot but it was so worth it. Got in many photos but dunno where they'll be put on the net, if they even are. Then I think we headed over to Temper Trap but we were so far back it wasn't worth it. So went with LN and more to Passion Pit and then to Girl Talk in the boiler room, wooo! L and I checked out Wagon, some random country/rock'n'roll band haha, so obvs didn't stay long there! We went over to the orange/blue stages where Hilltop were playing and lined up to get into the 'D' (the front) for Dizzee. That was intense, being so so squished for quite a while. But once we got in there it was good, and then L left and I met up with A, S and AG for Lily Allen, who was so amazing, apart from the first couple of songs where we couldn't hear her singing! 'Fuck You' was so so good. I videoed Dizzee and Lily so may put them up soon... Then A and I went to get food and I got curry for myself and S. Curry was so good, and we could hear Calvin Harris while we ate, which was great. Went and got ice-cream and then chilled on the grass way back from Powderfinger and then Muse. Got corn on the cob at some other stage. Some guy somehow got on top of one of the big tents and had chairs and things thrown at him while he continuously fell over. Some other guy climbed a tree with seriously, NO branches until the top - how did he get up there?! Anyway, left Muse after a while and went into silent disco again, but not for long 'cause it shut. Stayed a bit out of the boiler room for Groove Armada but still sounded goood. Walked to CF's and camped out in her bungalow. Handy!

Left fairly early in the morn, got home by about 11. Didn't do much yesterday, had a bit of a sleep in the arvo.

Finished methods homework this morning, finally. And looked at lots of fashion blogs and saved pictures. And yes, this is homework, seeing as I am doing fashion photography for art this year. Some images I have saved (unfortunately, I don't remember where they all came from, because I've had to upload them again after saving; a lot are probably from Studded Hearts, had a mass look through it this morning):
Enjoy (:

Y x

Monday, January 18, 2010

just take off your shoes, you've nothing left to lose

Wow, it's been a while. 9 days. Sorry.

Lots of new shoes (: And dresses... Last Sunday went shopping, got 3 dresses for $15 each and a $20 skirt from TEMT and then went and bought a pair of flats and a pair of sandals from Novo to wear for work. The sandals gave me the worst blisters ever (I'm talking raw skin) after 5 minutes of walking, so I took them off to walk home and stepped on something which is still in my foot and giving me quite immense pain. Here's the skirt (adorable, huh?), will post pics of the dresses/shoes soon...

Then got another pair of shoes (cutest!) from Quick Brown Fox on Saturday for $12 (weeowww!) and now Mum has given me an old pair of hers! A bit big but still good. Was going to go take pics of them now but nah, sorry. Soon, I promise!

Worked Monday, then drove down to Anglesea until Wed night. Mainly bummed, watched season 2 of Gossip Girl (hadn't in so long!) and was pretty tired the whole time. Worked everyday since Thursday till today ($$$$$) and now have a couple of days off. Mum came up and met me in my break yesterday, had a hot choccie/coffee and she bought me some $2 undies from Cotton On Body, cute!

Applied for my Tax File Number this morning and fixed up my bank account so I'll get an ATM card and get more interest and shizz. Hopefully the TFN comes soon so I can actually get the money from all my work hours!

I made a tumblr last week but then deleted it. Now I have a weheartit. Same thing but easier, basically just pics I like. Hopefully I'll update it often so keep checking back (: Possibly means less photos on here (apart from my own) but I guess I didn't post that many anyway. I also have a Chictopia but it's not great, I still don't have photoshop so if I want to crop them, I have to 'grab' my pictures (a program like taking a screenshot) and then edit, if I do, in Word. So, not looking that good.

Sorry for such a short, boring post. Lovers you all. Also, thinking of changing up my layout a bit, what do you think?

Y x

Saturday, January 9, 2010

listen hot stuff, i'm in love with this song

- Blah Blah Blah, Ke$ha

Outfits from work on Wednesday and today, respectively (also worked on Thurs - 9 hours!):
Supré top, Minkpink (I think) skirt and Wittner sandals.
Skirt was actually a top I got a couple of years ago from Jeans West and I chopped it recently (still need to fix up the top part so maybe I could wear it without a belt)... I like it as a skirt, what do you think? (: T-shirt was one of my $1 finds at the op shop in Blackburn, and the shoes are Novo.

Went over to NG's yesterday for a Sex and the City marathon. We planned to watch some episodes and then the movie, but turned out we only got 8 eps in a disc for the fifth season and then the movie wouldn't work! So we just watched the eight episodes, chilled, and ate donuts, chocolate and instant pasta stuff. Mm, healthy.

No plans for tomorrow as yet, should start catching up on homework though, but it's so hot at my house! So really quite unmotivated... we'll see.

Y x

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what a beautiful life, what a beautiful world

Watched episode 1 of The Beautiful Life yesterday. It's something Ashton Kutcher co-created but didn't last on TV so went to YouTube. Not sure if I'm stuck on it quite yet. Beautiful people though... Check out Mischa Barton's eye make-up!
And the other girl is Sara Paxton, I knew her from Sydney White.

iPod screwed up again today, the 'next song' button was somehow stuck on and so it just kept skipping through songs. After lots of pressing, finally got it back to normal but I reckon it's gonna keep doing it. Time for an upgrade soon? But no. I'm saving.

Oh! I got the job :D So I'll be able to save mooooore (and spend more). Did a 15 minute trial just greeting people and offering help etc., and manager said I was good, especially for someone with no retail (or any) experience. So woo! Starting tomorrow. And gave blood this morning too.

Not much else to say. Took some photos with our old family camera and my tripod today; sorry about the over exposed-ness of the first, I couldn't find a place without the sun sneaking in, and I have no access to Photoshop anymore (I edited the second so you could see the wedges better in Word!)...
Wedges were $5 from an op shop, but new :D Lady Danger top, vintage belt, Cotton On skirt. You can't tell in the photo but I really stuffed up on the fake tan on my legs last night, better go fix it up!

Y x

Monday, January 4, 2010

we'll do things and we'll go places

Drove again Sat night and then again yesterday. Wooo. And then afterwards (yesterday) met up with NG in Camby for lunchies. 'Spensive! So got a hot choccie at another place where it was cheaper and wayyy big. We saw Fuzzy! Exciting :D

Ooh, may have the job at Novo if all goes well tomorrow - have a trial/interview. Any tips? Giving blood beforehand so hopefully I won't be too out of it. But because I got my belly button pierced less than 4 months ago, they'll only take the platelets (?) from my blood and not anything else. Lame! I'm hoping I won't bruise again as I did the last time I gave blood.

Last night went over to family friends'.
I look small haha. Was funnnn, didn't do much but that's the best! Reeeally should start cooking some vego meals; hit me up with any faves, thanks (:

Mum's back at work this week so won't be able to take me driving every day (and also it'll be busier 'cause it's not the weekend) but maybe Dad will take me out at some stage. Tried to do some more maths homework this morning, but no thank-yewww! Really was not feeling it.

Oh, hey hey, I found this pic on skinnybitching - I got one of these hats when I went to Disney Land in 1999! Mine's red (: And says my name on the back in swirly yellow writing.
It never really sat properly on my head but anyway... Brings back memories. I definitely want to go back to USA in the next few years.

Hopefully I can get something productive done today, and cross your fingers that everything goes well at Novo tomozzle.

Y x

Saturday, January 2, 2010

i know that it’s true, it's gonna be a good year

Sooo, guess I should post something since it's been... 5 days? Hmm, what did I even do?!

Well, went driving on Thursday morning, manual on a gravel road. Not too bad, but ended up swerving to miss a lizard; good reactions Yve. Not. Dad had to grab the wheel and spin it back onto the road, lucky there was no massive tree nearby! This was in Bendigo, we went back up on the Tuesday. Oh yeah, and Wednesday we went to family friends' who have 2 young kids. Was okay but I was so tired I even fell asleep on the couch at one stage!

So after my drive we went back to Melbs and I caught the train/bus with NC to ZG's for our last night of 2009! AD turned up a little later too. Had a fun time, eating and playing Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. It went from so so hot to like cool and raining at I don't even know what time, and we went out and sat under the verandah while it rained. SO good! Just before the countdown we ran outside and popped party poppers, wooo. But we saved most of them for just after midnight. Also, had to have a shot of vodka just as the new year hit so even if we went to NO other parties the rest of the year, we could say we'd drunk in 2010 ;) Played Wii for a bit longer and fell asleep to Skins about 4am or so.

Woke up at like 12 and had nachos and cheese & tomato jaffles. Yummm. Mum picked me up at the station and we (and my brother) went to the botanical gardens for a walk and hot chocolate (: Came home and then I went for another drive, automatic this time. Wasn't tooo bad. Had a run in the evening, JUST before the thunder started. Wish it had rained just a BIT while I'd been running, I love that!

Today, went up to the supermarket/shopping centre. Novo has a sign up for a part-time position so gonna take up my resumé tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed! Aaand, have just been over at my uncle's as my cousin with the beautiful bub was there. Naww she is so cute! 

I have written too much and have no images to add. Oh! But you know how I've mentioned studded denim a couple of times? I re-found this old jacket/shirt of my dad's from the 70s, and I used to wear it in like early primary school haha. But it's like a really light wash with all these round studs and it actually turned my outfit today from something I was not so happy in to something I felt good in (: So yay!

There is now a pussy cat sitting on my lap, waiting for some food so I better get onto that.

HAPPY 2010, hope it's your best year yet!

Y, x

Oh, P.S. I went shopping with JC (who is now in NZ!) on Tuesday, before we left. In Dakota 501, she got this pretty amazing dress, but there was also this chain thing that was on one of the mannequins. $60! I really want to make one. Just need a whole bunch of chains and some material. The material on this one was black and the dress it was over (it kinda went around the shoulders/arms) was also black so I actually thought it was part of the dress. I can't find any pictures on their site, but I think I'll have to go back there and check out exactly how it has been made...