Saturday, May 29, 2010

do i look like i want your dirty denim?

Sorry sorry sorry I haven't posted in so long! School's been really busy, and helping out with the musical and other such stuff. Thanks so much to everyone that's following and commenting. Let me know what you'd like to see more of on here, I'm sure my boring stories and whatever else I post are quite... boring. Although I probably won't be posting very often.

I have so many photos to share, outfits, new stuff... but at the moment I'm doing maths and I really have to do it, but I promise soon! Photo overload (:

For now, new ring from the Vic Market. Was really on the lookout for vintage-looking jewellery (got some from Mum - photos soon!) and I just couldn't resist this. There were all kinds of variations on this one but it was definitely my fave.

Y x

P.S. Wearing denim on denim today (see the old studded shirt/jacket of my dad's in the pic - with dark cut-offs), I don't think it looks bad myself, but yeah, hence the title of this post.