Monday, December 28, 2009

and we'll run for our lives

Went for a run tonight. Second time in almost 2 months! Verrry bad. I did do 25 mins though. But I've decided if I write down the good things about running (apart from exercising for health/weight, e.g. feeling like eating better food or at least feeling as though the crap I have eaten is slightly justified), I can look at it when I don't feel motivated to run and hopefully it will encourage me.

Some pics from Tuesday night with JC:
Seeing her again tomorrow (she goes to NZ on Wed!), so better get off here soon. Back up to Bendigo in the afternoon so have to pack. Will probably be in Melbourne for New Years though.

So Thursday, we headed up to Bendigo, watched something and then the Victoria's Secret show. So jealous that those amazing-bodied models also have boobs. Esp. Miranda Kerr! Made some more meringues, not as good as those made on Tues.

My main Christmas present was my Big Day Out ticket, but also got a new straightener - '
Be Gorgeous'; apparently better than a GHD and looks like one. Went over to Dad's sister's for Christmas lunch. Got some money from the aunts & uncles and spent the arvo watching Supernatural with all the cousins. First few episodes - this is quite boring. Next few - this is kinda scary actually. Next million eps - God, this gets boring. Had a nice time, though.

Didn't do much on Saturday, except finish this little crafty beady project from when I was like 8. Yay (: And did a leedle bit of maths. Watched Happy Gilmore, and in the ads Clubland (with Edge from Blue Water High) which was kinda weird - the first 2 times I flicked over, there were sex scenes with different girls! But Happy Gilmore worked out so all was good ;)

Sunday, we eventually headed into town and got a couple of $5 t-shirts from MYER (: Was gonna get a pair of $20 wedges but decided against it - have to start saving! I really need to look into digital SLRs and I'm thinking of buying the same camera as J (just a little compact) for times when I don't need an SLR, 'cause her camera is tiny and pretty good. Better pick up the replacement for my camera too, and work out the best way to get the most money for it. So anyway, after MYER, got an iced coffee (Mum)/chocolate (me) from a café in a little arcade, and turned out GO worked there so was nice to catch up, albeit briefly (yesss, finally used that word!). Then went visiting, first my uncle (whose daughter is down from Newcastle) and then parent's old friend, who is back from Laos for a little while. Not too bad, but I got a bit bored of course. Watched the 'Glee-a-thon' when I got home.

Today, Mum woke me up early (laaame) and we drove down here for a family (Mum's) picnic and to see my cousin who's over from Perth with her gorgeous little bub! She is just adorable with her pigtails and big brown eyes! Got a bit more $$ from another uncle. It was really nice there but everyone left after only a couple of hours. Mmm, so came home and haven't done much except my run.

Till next year (probably), Y x

Thursday, December 24, 2009

ho ho ho, under the mistletoe

My black and white cat's going grey. Mum says he's just dirty but I'm not so sure.

Anyway, so it's Christmas Eve and we're heading up to Bendigo to spend Christmas with Dad's famfam. Have a great Christmas everyone (:

No time to post anymore now but had a nice night with JC on Tuesday, checking out the xmas lights near her, watching Clueless and Grease (my first time!) and making meringues, which were really good I might add. Unfortunately J was really sick in the morning though, but she's better now (:

Y, x

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rollin' with the homies

So, Sunday, trying to remember what I did before the party. Where Is The Love playing is not helping (always kinda knew the song but finally downloaded it like a week ago). Mmm, skip to the party. Mother and father drove me down, luckily did NOT ask to see the parents ;) A few people there when I arrived, more arrived soon after.
Kinda had to be there to understand this photo ;) You can't really see the amazing shoes here, but trust me, they are amazing. And the new dress. Cops turned up at one stage, only for a noise complaint, but it was a bit funny. Hardly mentioned the drinking or smoking. Settled into bed at about 2 or so I think, and then the talking started again at 5, so yep, good night's sleep :|

Did manage to get another hour or so at 7:30 after some people had left (YES SOME CRAZY MOFOS LEFT THAT EARLY). We ended up leaving pretty early too, at 9. I didn't know how to get home by myself so had to go with (almost) the last lot. When we got into the city, VD & I got a Boost and sat outside State. Got home about 11 and fell into bed and slept for a few hours. Just made me more tired though ): No idea when I'm actually going to not feel tired. Saw Away We Go at the Nova with the parentals, shared two cherry ripe choc tops between the three of us, drooool. Movie was cute. Some extremely funny parts.

Today, I was honestly going to start my maths homework but yeah, you guessed it. Did fold the washing and wash up though. And looked at fashion blogs = v. productive.

Been wanting to go blonde for ages, LOVE this. My hair is pretty much like this apart from the colour... reckon I could pull it off?
See more here. Also, loving that top - loose and comfy.

RIP Brittany Murphy. Going to JC's tonight, will probably watch Clueless.

Y x

Saturday, December 19, 2009

this whole city's black and white

So a few weeks ago, I got completely sick of having any sort of fringe (over the last couple of years I've been switching between side and front fringes) and gave myself a middle part. Because I still had evidence of my old fringe, I pinned the front bits back a little and received positive feedback. But now I'm getting bored with the middle part and so I need good ways to wear my hair (:

Found this on Hopefully I can pull off the side plait - think my hair would be that long if I plaited it, but the part around my face may not be. Also from that blog, check this and this out! Looks completely fake, right?! DEFINITELY do not like those as much.

And just randomly...
More studs! Really want to do some diy studding! (from same blog)

Loving the shoulders of these two tops:

(first from Urban Outfitters, second from same blog as above)

Got a new dress today - took advantage of the opening specials at the TEMT that's just opened right near me - a whole bunch of dresses are all $20, including maxis (and the one I got a couple of months ago for $40). The one I got today is black and white - perfect for the partay tomorrow night - and lacey and pretty (: There will be photos taken on the night I'm sure. Also borrowed JC's amazing white heels that are surprisingly comfy! Hopefully will be a good night.

Yesterday - washed up, made choc truffles (AH-gain), washed up again and didn't do much else. Did even less today, apart from going up the street to get my dress...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Y x

Thursday, December 17, 2009

i'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour

Got up early early Tuesday to get into the city and catch the train to Geelong. Train trip was okay, then got the bus out to somewhere near the beach. Train ride and bus ride respectively...
JC's camera with the 'darker skin tone' setting, ha. Wandered for a little while, not knowing EXACTLY where we were going but soon found the surfboard hire place and a bakery where we (minus me) got food. Then we walked to the beach and set up camp (but not really, just our towels). J & I went for a little walk, taking some photos and some of the other girls surfed/sunbaked (coughslept).

Then we decided to dig a hole big enough for both of us, with tools NC had brought, which started with a small hole which we thought would be too hard to build bigger so making another smallish one and then kinda connecting them anyway. Fun :D
Ended up (almost) breaking a spade and a sieve and burying a rake :P Aaaanyway, turned out awesome. N & NS then got in the holes, we filled the holes in and then they had a race to see who could get out more quickly, funny to watch.
So then we went exploring in some rock pools, where we found...
a crab!
Yerrrp, after that we headed back to return the boards, get fush n chups, thickshakes and a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and nuts :D We had to rush for the bus, the last one of the day back to the station, so if we missed it, basically we would've been f***ed. Luckily, we got there with about 2 minutes to spare. Didn't have to wait too long for the train and had some funny moments when the driver announced 'the next station is not Geelong' (he actually said North Geelong) and then 'the next station is not sure' (North Shore). Had some loud laughs. Got home about 7:30 methinks.

Had to get up early again yesterday for final assembly of the year. 2 duxes (right plural form?). Picked up a 'sport award' and ETHOS was a good read (but still with a couple of mistakes/typos that made me cringe). Headed out to Williamstown afterwards with VD and stacked on the sunscreen. Had good times making whirlpools in the water while playing 'ball' bahaha. Ate chips and drank hot hot flat soft drinks, which surprisingly aren't as bad as you would think. Someone went and got ice at one stage and it was amazing. Also, the sand was so hot, I think the soles of my feet actually got burnt ): But anyway, was worth it for a fun day. Got home about 6ish (after missing 2 trams and then waiting for another that didn't come so getting on one that takes longer to get home |: ). Went out for Vietnamese, so many druggies on Victoria St. Got nice food though, vermicelli with shredded vegies but couldn't eat it all so took it home. Turned out it got left in the hot car all night though, so still yet to discover whether it's any good.

Didn't do much today at all, was planning to START the holiday homework, and haven't even started Christmas shopping. Did go and pick up my VET dress though, I'm thinking it COULD possibly work with a belt, way too loose otherwise. Got to the library as well (found my library card!) and got some Eng Lang books and one each on knitting, crocheting (inspired by SS) and what to do with photos. Will probably not open any of them in the near future. Ooh, totally started Skins today! Not completely obsessed yet, maybe 'cause the third season moves more quickly? Only watched 1 1/2 eps though so hopefully it gets betterrr (:

Probs gonna miss out on the free thing at Fitness First as it starts on Saturday and you're meant to sign up a week in advance and I don't have anyone to go with, dammit! May see J again tomorrow, not sure yet though.

Y x

Monday, December 14, 2009

happiness is a firecracker

Got 44 for PE. So so happy. Was freaking out that I would get so much less... Didn't even look at the text with the result for ages, but then ZG called me and made me. Love that girl! All my friends did amazingly well, so proud of them all!

Really haven't done much today except talk about results with people - over the phone/text/facebook...

I'm brown atm, ready for Torquay tomorrow! Feel like I should post a bunch of awesome pictures since I'm not writing much. Okay, these are just off Photobucket/Flickr...

So obviously this looks freaking amazing, not too practical though ;)

My daddy got me a hat a bit like this from a street market on the Upper West Side of NYC when he was in America, it's really cute (:

Pretty much obsessed with the beach, since it's summer and all. I want a stomach like that! I also need a hat, would probably like it a bit floppier than this but I love how the trim on this one kinda matches the bikinis.

I enjoy this, it's probably the hair and sunnies but she really rocks the plaid...

... as does MK.

I love the studs on the vest.
(open the image in a new window to see the original size)

Hey, so, let me know about any amazing fashion photography/ers you know of since I need to start collecting inspiration for art next year. Also, let me know if you'll model for me, if you're hot and/or have awesome-o clothes. Or just want to model, really I'm not fussy (:

Loves ya, Y x

Sunday, December 13, 2009

hold on tight, it's a crazy night

Sooo, three days since I last posted...
Friday I slept in till 11.45, so good! But only 'cause I'd worked out how to use wifi on my phone that night so I'd stayed on fb while in bed till late. Packed up my shizz to go to Bendigo and headed into the city to meet up with SS. Got lunch/looked for outfits for the party/looked at chains for jewellery. Really really want to start making my own jewellery, esp. chain-y stuff, if anyone knows anywhere in Melbourne that sells chains for less than $6/metre -  hit me up, much appreciated. Think it would be an easy/cheap (maybe) idea for Chrissy presents as well. Gosh, Christmas is getting really close now! Anyway, so we didn't find any outfits, but this place in MC had things for devil/bunny/mermaid (shell bra!) and I really wanted to just stock up in case of future dress up parties ;) I refrained though. So then S left to catch a train and I walked up to Mum's work where Dad picked us up. Got Lebanese sweets and pizzas from Sydney Rd and drove up to Bendigo.

Yesterday, we were gonna go and see a foal that Dad has a share in, but the owners of the place where it's kept weren't home. So I just lazed a bit while Mum & Dad mowed and shtuff (yerp, I'm a good daughter). Actually, I was washing/drying/curling my hair, and getting packed up, 'cause I had to train back to Melbs for the partay. Met S at 7ish after buying her Milkos :D Got Indian for din dins (incl. mango lassi - yummm!), then headed out to Carlton. JB and IW ended up getting on our tram so we chatted (probably inappropriately) and perfected outfits till we got to the stop. At this point I put my heels on and forced the others to walk slowly enough for me haha. When we got to the front fence, there was no raging music and it was still very much light so we wandered up to the end of the street. Since I still didn't really have a 'steretypical' outfit, I chucked on my construction worker's vest and tied it up in the front... 'token female tradie' apparently. Took photos on benches, with poles, etc. ;) Walked back to the house, there were a few people there but not many at that stage. S & I camwhored in the toilets for a bit, as you do...

Yeah huh, she's hot. So, more people arrived and it turned into a pretty good night of trampolining, dancing, drinking, eating, mingling (or so to speak :P), yeah. Fun (: S's parentals came at 12.20 (so we did end up getting an extra 20 mins!) and got back to hers before 1am. Went through our photos (her camera/my phone) and just chatted about the night's happenings ;)

Got up... actually I dunno what time, this morning... possibly about 9? Made pancakes, and had S's berries from the other day, they were gooood. She'd also made homemade ice-cream with them, drooool. Decorated the xmas tree and opened the day's advent calendar flap/drawer. Then we headed out to the farmers market, where we tried curries, meringues and cheeses. Mmm-mmm. Followed on to an arts and craft market where I got  a few things - KK present, phew! Also went into the library for a little bit, made me want to go to my local on the way home but turned out I didn't have my library card. Hmph. But anyway, rushed to the station to catch the train back to the city which subsequently didn't leave for another 15 minutes. Whatever, I was so tired anyway.

Was supposed to be going to Torquay tomorrow for the day with some of the girls but now we're going Tues - way better weather for it. Results tomorrow too, probs gonna be a bad day for me... 

Here's hoping, Y x

Thursday, December 10, 2009

i've been missing your strawberry kisses

Yesterday went berry picking. Definitely much more than that though, since it was an hour train ride, waiting for the bus for half an hour, at least half an hour ON the bus and then walking a few kms to get there. Wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been so warm!

But anyway, the actual berry picking. We went to the cherry part of the farm first and then had to keep walking to find the 'berry' part. The strawberries and raspberries were to. die. for. Seriously delicious. Ate so many I didn't even end up making a whole kilo to take home. They're on the table now, not as lovely as yesterday but still tasting damn good! This is what they looked like yesterday, and the vines s2
(still using my phone for photos, but I should be getting a camera back soon!)

It was actually the most ridiculous walk to get back to the bus stop, we didn't know exactly where it was so just kept walking. Luckily the bus came fairly soon after we found it. And then at the next stop, we picked up a bunch of ones that left loooong before us. Funneh.

Got to Camberwell and got gelati. As you do. $7.50 for basically 2 containers. Got told off for eating 'take-away' at their outside tables, but not like seriously - didn't stop us eating ;)
Continued on to Woolworths Safeway and got: cooking chocolate, condensed milk, normal chocolate, cream, lollies... anything else? After all those berries, food like that is not particularly appreciated.

Met MLF back at the station and trained to her house, for pictionary, 'werewolf', and choclate ganache (made from the cooking chocolate and cream) to dip the berries *spew* into. Ahh sooo yum. The boys (and some of the girls) were gone by 12 or something so then the rest of us girlies had some D&M time, including would you rather and I have never. Slept at 4ish. This post feels quite brief. 

I can't believe almost everyone got up early and was gone by like 9. Carazayy. M came in after that and we chatted, VD still asleep. When V woke up, had corn flakes with condensed milk for brekky. sjkgfhdjksf so good :D but gross... Had some fun time on youtube, first with lurrrrve skins haha; then this: skip the first 30 secs, but God, SO funny. New love, Rashman and Rashpocket. Something V knew about, so glad she did. So yeah, after that... probably shouldn't mention it on here, top secret ;) Got M's first 3 frankies to read over the hols too (: Oh, and Pride and Prejudice the movie, so now I have them AND Skins to get through.

V and I trained to Parliament, okay the escalators are just stupid. They are SO. BIG. Like I couldn't look up OR down. And there are 2. Ridick. Aaaanyway, left her at Bourke St and met up with JC in the mall, then got sushi. Left my berries at the sushi place and had to rush back, the guy had put the container in the fridge, nawww. Went to Big W to print off one of The Satorialist's photos for J to get signed by him, 'cause he's in Aus and was in Melbs this evening signing his book. But his book is just photos from his site so there's really no point getting the book so hopefully she was able to just get the pic signed. J? Btw, you should check out her blog. Oh, and we went into this bookshop on Swanston, level 3... so many places in/around the city we don't know about so I reeeeally want to explore every street one at a time! I'm sure there's so much I'm missing out on!

So, came home this arvo, and even though I was tired, I didn't feel too bad. I cleaned the cats' fur (they are losing so much right now) off their sleeping quarters and did the washing up. Should really start my holiday homework soon too. Party Sat night, theme: clichés/stereotypes. Any suggestions?

You know you love me, Y x

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

i looked at my kingdom, i was finally there

Just had dinner after sleeping for a couple of hours. Goes without saying that I'm still tired.

Sunday, went to uncle/aunt's for authentic Vietnamese lunch (my aunty is Viet). Adults had prawn/pork pancake and she made vegie spring rolls just for me, well for me 'cause I'm vego but there were a lot so everyone had some. I also got a plain pancake with just bean sprouts and stuff (: Oh, she had also made meringues and my little cuz whipped the cream and we had fruit on top of all that, yummo! I had to entertain my cute 4 and 6 year old cousins by reading, kicking the footy and then being drawn. They're so cute! May get some babysitting opportunity with them too closer to xmas so that'll be good.

Came home and then Mum drove me to SS's. Only took about 20 mins. I LOVE the setup in her room:
She has her desk/laptop/monitor/everything under a top bunk. I'm obsessed with it!

We made sticky date pudding with caramel sauce, jealous? Had the same dinner I had at her place in like September last year, haha, but I'm not complaining! And then the pudding was soooo good. Watched some Get Smart, stupid but oh so fun. Didn't get a chance to watch Skins 'cause her dad was still up ;) Lay in bed (comfy!) till 2 talking, learnt some interesting stuff, talked about the opposite sex, which we have not enough contact with. Her dog is so cute, psycho when I got there and at random times but then other times so adorable - just wanted a tickle!

Monday, we got up and went op shopping. Best! Pretty much all their clothes were $1, got a jacket, t-shirt, shirt and skirt which I need to shorten. S got 2 pairs of pj pants, she swears only one of them is though haha. Also ended up getting some new shorts for $8 (not from the oppo). And when we got back, S gave me a jacket-y thing which was her mum's, so ended up coming home with 6 new pieces and only $12 poorer. Yay! Saw this on S's jewellery pile, not even a ring but hopefully she will make it one now...
Amazing much?

So... got home at 4ish? Saw Where The Wild Things Are. With my parents. Whatever, they pay for it so I'm not complaining. Okay so they pay for everything anyway since I still don't have a job (I even ended up applying for the fruit shop). Movie was okay, not as good as I thought it would be. Couple of the monsters were way too aggressive. Totally saw a guy in it who used to go to MHS, not that I knew him or anything, just had seen him before. Stuff like that gets me excited haha.

Went to bed way too late last night to get up at 7:45 this morning. Almost didn't catch the train (if it had been on time), but that was not my fault. The trams just took forever 'cause of the rain. So trained with SC and EI to Bayswater. Met AO and ZG at the station then bussed to Z's place. CS came later. Made salty and sweet popcorn (not together!) which was good but as always ate way too much! Also had chips and lollies while we watched Fresh Prince of Bel Air. So good, had never seen it before and have now promised to learn the (freaking best ever) theme song. If you don't know it, We ended up watching 2 discs of the first season (maybe 8 or 10 eps?); now I will definitely have to finish them at some stage!

Bussed back to the station with S and A, and then had to wait for the train for 20 mins and this weird lady told us about how rich she was, and a magician (but not really, shhh). So took me about 1 hour 40 mins to get home, intense brah. So yeah, really tired when I got home (and so full!) so I slept. Mum had made nice pasta when I woke up (:

Pretty much busy every day for the rest of the week.

Kisses, Y x

Saturday, December 5, 2009

it's a girl's life

Officially can't wait for Neighbours 2010. Just watched last night's ep which I missed 'cause I was at JC's. God, I love this face; Lyn tells Susan she still loves Paul, Susan's response:
Speaking of Neighbours, my friends saw them in Gloria Jeans (yes, I am friends with a balloon (: )...
I think I am way more excited (coughjealouscough) than I should be about this.

So anyway, Neighbours is not my whole life, contrary to thoughts produced by the above words/images. Yesterday, I did a bit of snipping of t-shirts and the like.

The front hasn't really curled properly but I love the back, very beachy (notice the bikinis (: oh and the Tiffany & Co. key necklace, courtesy of daddy dearest from his time in USA!). Also, cut a little more of this one that I previously cut similarly to the above a couple of months ago (inspired by mybfcloset).
Mmm, thinking it comes down a bit too low at the back, maybe even for the beach? Scratch that. Nothing's too low or short or skimpy for the beach.

So, do you like the blog better with more pics? 'Cause I still have a bit to write so sorry if this post is too long!

After my little creative spurt in the morning (yesterday) I met JC at the station and got the train to hers, picked up DVD, walked back to station, caught train one more station, walked to her house, walked to op shop (good one too - got bag $1, belt $2, skirt $3), met her old friends, took a bus, walked to another friend's to pick up Friends DVD, walked back to hers. Then picked up NG a bit later, got food, ate out the back with muzikk. N & I looked up kids shows for a bit of nostalgia and discovered pretty much anyone who was in anything was also in Neighbours. This was prompted by discovering that Casey from Girl TV is now in Hi-5 and we proceeded to look up Sleepover Club, Foreign Exchange, Blue Water High, Parallax, The Saddle Club. Good stuff.

Anyways, so then we watched the DVD we picked up, Greta, a Hilary Duff one (starring and executively producing) that never got to cinemas, no wonder. Boring-est movie ever. The guy - 'Julie', wtf?! - was cute but had a high voice and no shoulders... Diana Ross' grandson apparently. Then chucked on Friends season 4, not sure how many eps we watched but we all woke up at 5 and moved to J's room, where we slept till like 8 when J got up to be at work at 9. N & I stayed in bed till 10, had a couple of crepes from J's mum (yummo) then headed down to J's work. Got a drink but N had to leave. Checked out 'cute new guy' at J's café, okay (:

Dad picked me up and I had to rush to make chocolate truffles for my footy team bbq. Was good fun, got there late but not a big turnout anyway. Had some inappropriate convos while trying not to let the parents hear, haha. Puppy has grown so much - he used to come to games, so cute! Still cute. One of the girls is going to Brazil for 10 months in January so she won't be playing next year, I'm so jealous though!

May not post tomorrow, going out for lunch then to SS's overnight.

Have a good one, Y x

Thursday, December 3, 2009

fashion is the only cure

Sleeping in is the best thing ever, maybe. I've been consistently sleeping until 10am, but really should get to bed earlier 'cause I'm still a bit drained even after 10 or 11 hours sleep. Dad drove me to get my VET stuff this morning but they kept my dress 'cause they might use it in the fashion show next week. I doubt it. Okay, so doing fashion in uni/TAFE would be amazing. Went into the room to collect my stuff: huge room, hardly any people, cooled from the heat outside, making gorgeous dresses.

My face did get burnt yesterday, damn it, so got some face sunscreen today because normal stuff is too greasy. All set for summer now? Me thinks yes. Apart from fake tan fading weirdly so my arms are slightly scaly-looking. Will fix that soon ;)

Trammed it to Camberwell, all the while on the phone to SS which was nice, REALLY need a good catch up - probs Sunday night, yay! Got chips and drinks with NG and furthered our plan of becoming WAGs... atm we're thinking Brownlow 2012 should be do-able. We are so serious, it's not even funny. Okay, it's very funny but still. It will happen! 'We just always look this hot; my lips are just naturally this glossy...' - hahaha, good times. JC joined us and the weather got soo windy while we were sheltered inside. So glad I went to the beach yesterday! Mmm, and then they made me tram home by myself. Good friends.

This was my computer/phone background for quite a while, someone's actually drawn it, I think on a computer program. But yeah, I do enjoy it.

Mwah, Y x

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

if i never, never, never wash the sand from my feet

So much holiday homework for German; luckily not toooo much for Eng lang apart from the 28474902 gazillion books they want us to read and take notes on (or already have done).

Chyeah, beached it up today, instead of proposed picnic. Should have bought that $10 sequin skirt, think I may need to go back to St Kilda tomorrow/soon. Cake, cookies and melting icypoles were perfect. Only went in the water up to my knees, but was still nice (: Didn't get too sunburnt either - have accepted that I don't tan and will stick with the fake stuff, not gonna let something like sunburn wreck my summer! So sunscreen is one of my best friends right now, along with mascara, paw paw ointment (which is ah-mazing on sunburn btw, if anyone needs it), loose tops and of course my human friends ;) Finally got Skins season 1 from MLF (haha milf)! Mark my words, I will have finished the first 2 seasons within 2 weeks. Hit me up with other good series/movies to catch up on over this sweet, sweet time of relaxation/intoxication.

Myer sale didn't present anything good but check out these shoulders!
Okay, so you can't see them that well (stupid phone camera) but this jacket was cropped, and I thought maybe it would be cool for dress ups (vampire, anyone? Actually I'm not even sure why vampire...). Not that I got it.

I'll pick up my VET stuff tomorrow, so will finally get to wear the first dress I've made, although pretty sure it's massive so I'll have to see if I can do something to fix that. Reeeally want to make more clothes over the summer, and also jewellery, and maybe elastic headbands? Looking for inspiration all the time.

Want to cut leggings into something like this ^

Kthanks, Y x

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

all i've got is a photograph

Dad took my camera in today to get replaced. The lens cover thing doesn't open/close properly which means it's a bitch every. single. time you want to take a photo. This camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ2 but I got it a couple of years ago so, because they don't make it anymore and because it'll be too expensive to fix, supposedly they'll give me the equivalent model now. I kinda didn't really like my camera that much so Dad suggested I sell the new camera for like $50 cheaper than RRP on eBay and put the money towards a digital SLR.

Most photos I put up of my own will have been taken with the Lumix, including my title image, which I took at a Forever New parade as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I was hoping to go to more events but they were all either booked out by the time I got around to actually thinking about it or too expensive. As it was, Forever New was free. Anyway, that was a while back and I don't want to be thinking much about the past!

Today Mum & Dad were out for lunch so I had a fried egg... kinda. 'Kinda' means this:

Yeah, fairly sure fried egg isn't meant to look like that. You know what's weird? I swear I used to be able to fry eggs a lot better than this. So I'm pretty sure it's the pan, 'cause I've used a different pan (the old one has mysteriously gone missing...) the last couple of times I've done this and I cannot flip/pick up the egg without breaking it! These pics were taken with my phone btw.

Last week of Neighbours this week, told Mum she has to come home early enough each night to watch it haha. Hmm... I'm actually going to get out of the house tomorrow, which I have really only done about one day in the past week (good day that was too). Going in to school for the second last time of the year, thank God (last time will be after results, ahh!), and then something social, a picnic I think (: I have been eating waaaayy too much while being at home and have only run once in sooo long! Last time I went running (Friday?) I saw a dead cat so kinda not inclined to go anytime soon. Hopefully will take advantage of the free program for teens at Fitness First starting on the 19th. Also, really need a job! I applied at 6 or 7 places last week, have only heard back from Smiggle - an automated thing saying I was unsuccessful. Yay. But I've realised, how am I going to pay for pressies without a job? May have to resort to my last chance and apply for the local fruit and veg shop, which coincidentally my dad's cousin's wife's dad/uncle own...

See you soon, Y x