Friday, December 31, 2010

so long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, goodbye

To all my followers,

Thanks for a great year. I've just moved to England for 2011 and have started a new blog specific to that, so I won't be on this one anymore (at least till 2012). I'd love if you all followed me there as well, although it may be a bit boring if you're just after the fashion side of things. I'll be talking about my life in general, but I'll also add lots of photos and hopefully outfit shots once in a while (when the weather permits not wearing a big coat over everything). I'll be travelling around Europe eventually too so I'll be taking photos of outfits/markets/all things fashion.

I hope 2010 was fantastic and have a great new year.
(this may change check back here if it's not working)

Y x

Sunday, October 10, 2010

i'm eighteen and i don't know what i want

Sorry for the lack of posting! Not expecting anyone much to be reading this but it's worth a shot (lol, punny).

Photo from my 18th on Friday night. Best night ever. I'm second from left, and my dress was $5 at a market, I inserted a zip (which raised its price to a whopping $7.50) in the back seam so I could make it tighter, and then hemmed it with the help of my mum! The shoes are my friend's on the left, I also wore them way back in January here. So comfy for heels.

Sorry for the horrible quality!

Y x

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

well the night is young and so we dance

I have decided fashion is what I want to do and where my heart lies. I went on an excursion with my fashion class this afternoon to an exhibition on Australian fashion (see here for more info) and then to Fashion Incubator, which is where up-and-coming designers showcase their pieces. I didn't feel that inspired just from these places but the last couple of months I've realised the only part of school I enjoy is my fashion class on Wednesday afternoons.

The formal was on last Friday, and here is my finished dress!

Based on:

The photo of the back of it won't upload, sorry! But the back was really plain with a lapped zip down the back. I'm really happy with how it turned out but I can't take all the credit for it - I got help from my amazing teacher every step of the way! All my friends also looked incredible, and it was just an awesome night, including getting a PARTY BUS instead of a limo to the venue; highly recommended! :D

Y x

Sunday, July 18, 2010

baby, what if?

Sorry about the lack of posting! Just for the sake of posting, here's a photo from close to Summer... the best ice-cream - from Coles! - and green nail polish (:

Just got my hair dyed blonder, and pretty happy with it this time! I promise photos soon, and also of the almost millions of new clothes I've got in the last few weeks from markets and op shops.

Y x

Sunday, July 4, 2010

these little black sandals saved my life today

I found this picture of
Clémence Poésy on Studded Hearts last night. She looked familar but I wasn't sure who she was at first so I wikied her, and she played Fleur in Harry Potter! Anyway, the point is, she's wearing my shoes! I posted this picture way back in January, my sandals are from Wittner but I don't think a rich French model/actress would buy shoes from an Australian (?) shoe shop...

Click the pictures to see them bigger :)

Off to the footy soon.

Y x

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

and it's just another story caught up in another photograph

Inspired by Rumi of fashiontoast's genericdream:
New photography blog @,
featuring my friends, cats and environments in my life.

Y x

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the turtle wished that it could fly, really high into the sky

Aww, Juno soundtrack!

Some Photo Booth pics - the last 2 are from before parties on Sat/Sun nights (day off yesterday!) and the first is just a random time when I liked my hair I think ;)

In the second, I'm wearing a new Rimmel (I think) lipstick I got for $2, brightest pink ever, except you can't really tell here! And yeeep, my dad's study is a mess! I'm enjoying being blonde (:

Y x

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

boys boys boys, with hairspray and denim

At my fashion class a couple of weeks ago, my teacher brought out this resource they get a few times a year that shows European trends and stuff. I saw this vest (sorry about the bad phone photo!) and fell in love instantly.

Since then have seen so many denim vests like this. Not just denim vests - BOR-ING! They look like jackets that have had the sleeves hacked off, which makes them so different from just normal vests. Here are a few pics I've saved, some that I just happened to come across and then others I especially looked for.

Okay, the first one is almost a boring one (and Andreas is just there because he's hot, and actually IS a boy with hairspray and denim, haha)... but if Taylor's also wearing it, it's gotta be good (okay, for most things). Anyway, so now I'm on the lookout for some cheap, dorky denim jacket to chop (and maybe bleach - maybe I'll need more than one)!

I also plan to cut one of the $2 t-shirts I got from Dimmeys last year into something like this...

Also, it's not looking too good for my formal dress at the moment, so wish me luck - I'll need it...

Y x

EDIT: A couple more I forgot to add... I'm sure you get the picture, though!

And I hope I didn't just get rid of my comments by editing this, thanks for them by the way! Love you all.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

everything will always be alright when we go shopping

Finished early today, came home and slept for a couple hours (sick) and then spent a little while on blogs. Now watching Neighbours.

Just some shots from a couple of weeks ago...

My friend and I during the school musical we helped out in. My (almost) finished vest!

Another friend's 18th birthday pressy, took me a lot longer to make than it should have due to my very out-dated sewing machine.

FINALLY GOT THESE BOOTS! Was on my way to Payless to see if they had them again but popped into Rubi on the way and there they were! Have worn them so much since buying and they are ridiculously comfy and no blisters, which is amazing for me!
All from a much-needed shopping spree: boots $49.95 and spider tights $9.95 (ended up taking them back due to them being all stuck together) from Rubi; heels $10 (!!!) from Betts; grey, and black and white tops $4.95 from Factorie; jeans $12 from Deborah K (Tyte brand); and flower ring $7 from Diva. Yep, I'm a bargain hunter.

Wearing some of the new stuff the next day.

Y x

Saturday, May 29, 2010

do i look like i want your dirty denim?

Sorry sorry sorry I haven't posted in so long! School's been really busy, and helping out with the musical and other such stuff. Thanks so much to everyone that's following and commenting. Let me know what you'd like to see more of on here, I'm sure my boring stories and whatever else I post are quite... boring. Although I probably won't be posting very often.

I have so many photos to share, outfits, new stuff... but at the moment I'm doing maths and I really have to do it, but I promise soon! Photo overload (:

For now, new ring from the Vic Market. Was really on the lookout for vintage-looking jewellery (got some from Mum - photos soon!) and I just couldn't resist this. There were all kinds of variations on this one but it was definitely my fave.

Y x

P.S. Wearing denim on denim today (see the old studded shirt/jacket of my dad's in the pic - with dark cut-offs), I don't think it looks bad myself, but yeah, hence the title of this post.