Wednesday, April 28, 2010

i'm sick and tired of always being sick and tired

Made a couple of changes to my layout, still working to make it look less like a blogspot blog and more like a unique expression of my style. I kept my header 'cause I've had a few nice comments on it but might make a change soon...

Been sick the last two days so had the days off. Feeling a little better but still not great. Still went to my fashion class this arvo, and cut out all my pieces for my vest, which is our second and final garment we HAVE to make. After that, I'll work on my formal dress, and hopefully make a backpack or two, and then lots of other things (fingers crossed!).

Monday we had a rehearsal for Chorals (school house competition of music, singing, dancing and acting) which is on Friday. After rehearsal we worked on our set.


Met up with my parents and dad's cousins in the city at this great chocolate place afterwards, and got a fresh strawberry icy drink, yummm.

My cats yesterday (L)

My hair: after sleeping on it wet, putting it in a bun the next day, leaving it in the bun for the day/night then taking it out.
FYI it still looks like this.

Headed up to Kmart in my sickness yesterday to see if THEY have any combat boots like in my previous posts. Alas, they didn't, but came home with two pairs of flats for $10 each (plus some socks - I seem to be the only one excited about new socks).

Mother dearest came home with these ruby beauties from someone at her work who they were too big/small for. Of course, they're a bit too big for me but I think I'll keep 'em ;)
Vintage tights of mum's and my new socks :D

Y x

Sunday, April 25, 2010

in fields where the yellow grass grows knee high

Finally got some photos yesterday of my latest 'makes' and just some random outfit shots. Photos thanks to my mummy

My finished skirt, was expecting more of a pencil shape but it's okay a bit A-line. Fully functioning zips! And here's my black over-the-knee socks :D

The beginning of the process of Project Make Formal Dress. This is just a mock-up to see if the pattern for the bodice I'd bought would fit. And it will! So this is not the material/colour the actual dress will be.

New Mink Pink dress ($10 from Landes) - actually too short/cut away on the sides to wear as a dress without tights - and my grey over-the-knees.

Scrummaging through Mum's wardrobe and found this old vintage dress of hers. I actually really like it, if it was shorter (I'm holding it up in these pics) - I want to put it up but she won't let me ):

Another from Mum's old wardrobe. It's very business-y but it's sorta casual enough if it's a bit shorter. We'll see ;)

And just in case you're interested in random aspects of my life...

Homemade pizza topping; me making the most of my naughty friend and taking an arty shot; playing around with the focus on my new camera; chocolate bear Mum bought me; last year's formal ring - still loves it; Saints bracelet I quickly made yesterday after spotting random ribbon of the right colours.

How's that for a post, hey? ;) Oh, and just open the pics in a new window for full size, I just made them smaller so they'd fit here.

Y x

Thursday, April 15, 2010

baby it's you i want so stop wasting my time

Yep, have been listening to the Veronicas second/current(/maybe neither of these) album the last couple of days, not sure why.

Anyway, update on the boots. THEY WERE SOLD OUT ): And apparently at all the other stores too, but I am defs gonna ring around in the next week and search out a pair.

Aaaand I finally finished my skirt in VET! Wearing it to school tomozzle and will hopefully get some pics in the morning (doubtful).

Sat in the studio audience for The Bounce tonight. Nick Riewoldt waved to me (us, I suppose) after we yelled out 'love you Nick' (L)

Y x (sorry for the random boring post!)

Monday, April 12, 2010

these boots were made for walkin'

So I haven't actually seen them in the flesh, but I'm hopefully buying these babies tomorrow - as seen on (and photo courtesy of) Everyone at school today was wearing Doc's, or versions of, but I swear I'm not just copying. I NEED comfy boots for Winter!

They're my compensation for the Wittner studded ones I posted a little while ago... we'll see if I can do anything (studding, etc.) to these ones...

Y x

Oh, P.S. Mum did grocery shopping yesterday while I was "doing homework" and I asked her to see if the sock stall in the shopping centre (seriously, every shopping centre has one) had any black or grey over-the-knee socks. She came back with both, 2 for $12 (which she'll pay for 'cause they keep me warm ;) ). So yay for Winter trends and staying warm! It was frrrreezing in Melbourne today!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

as a blonde, will i get whatever i want?

Today's outfit... plus my new hair, which I'm not particularly happy with, especially how it's still very brown at the bottom.

I'm in love with this top - from Camberwell Market a couple of weeks ago for $2.50. First time I've worn it and I just love the beading, although I need to buy a few more because there are four missing. I reckon I can also wear it backwards, it has buttons down the back so they would be done up (or not) down the front like a shirt, and the feature looks nice at the back as well. Boots are vintage from my mum that I got resoled last year.

A lot of my friends are at a party as we speak, but I decided I'd come home early tonight and get some homework done and some sleep in before school goes back next week.

Y x

Sunday, April 4, 2010

all i did last easter, all i did was paint some eggs

Sooo, I got the Nikon D90! Been testing it the past couple of days. Handed it over to Dad yesterday to take some shots of me. Ignore the outfit (and my whiteness!), but the photos are pretty nice and sharp, hey?

Also, went to the footy last night. Hells yeah, Sainters!

And today, was Easter and Dad's birthday so had some of the fam over for a bbq. Took a lot of photos of people, especially my 5 boy cousins, and some of food/other stuff but cbf posting now. Maybe in a few days.

Finally booked in to go blonde on Tues! Bit nervous though, now!

Also, I have to give
this blog a massive wrap. When I came across it a couple of months ago, I went through every post of hers with the label diy and her stuff is so inspiring. You HAVE to check out her latest, where she produces her own version of Miu Miu pink bird shoes. She HAND PAINTS the birds on. Just. Amazing.
Miu Miu:


Seriously, check it out.

Y x