Tuesday, December 1, 2009

all i've got is a photograph

Dad took my camera in today to get replaced. The lens cover thing doesn't open/close properly which means it's a bitch every. single. time you want to take a photo. This camera is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ2 but I got it a couple of years ago so, because they don't make it anymore and because it'll be too expensive to fix, supposedly they'll give me the equivalent model now. I kinda didn't really like my camera that much so Dad suggested I sell the new camera for like $50 cheaper than RRP on eBay and put the money towards a digital SLR.

Most photos I put up of my own will have been taken with the Lumix, including my title image, which I took at a Forever New parade as part of Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. I was hoping to go to more events but they were all either booked out by the time I got around to actually thinking about it or too expensive. As it was, Forever New was free. Anyway, that was a while back and I don't want to be thinking much about the past!

Today Mum & Dad were out for lunch so I had a fried egg... kinda. 'Kinda' means this:

Yeah, fairly sure fried egg isn't meant to look like that. You know what's weird? I swear I used to be able to fry eggs a lot better than this. So I'm pretty sure it's the pan, 'cause I've used a different pan (the old one has mysteriously gone missing...) the last couple of times I've done this and I cannot flip/pick up the egg without breaking it! These pics were taken with my phone btw.

Last week of Neighbours this week, told Mum she has to come home early enough each night to watch it haha. Hmm... I'm actually going to get out of the house tomorrow, which I have really only done about one day in the past week (good day that was too). Going in to school for the second last time of the year, thank God (last time will be after results, ahh!), and then something social, a picnic I think (: I have been eating waaaayy too much while being at home and have only run once in sooo long! Last time I went running (Friday?) I saw a dead cat so kinda not inclined to go anytime soon. Hopefully will take advantage of the free program for teens at Fitness First starting on the 19th. Also, really need a job! I applied at 6 or 7 places last week, have only heard back from Smiggle - an automated thing saying I was unsuccessful. Yay. But I've realised, how am I going to pay for pressies without a job? May have to resort to my last chance and apply for the local fruit and veg shop, which coincidentally my dad's cousin's wife's dad/uncle own...

See you soon, Y x

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thegoodkind said...

love your cooking. maybe you should come over tomoz morning and make me breakfast :)