Sunday, April 25, 2010

in fields where the yellow grass grows knee high

Finally got some photos yesterday of my latest 'makes' and just some random outfit shots. Photos thanks to my mummy

My finished skirt, was expecting more of a pencil shape but it's okay a bit A-line. Fully functioning zips! And here's my black over-the-knee socks :D

The beginning of the process of Project Make Formal Dress. This is just a mock-up to see if the pattern for the bodice I'd bought would fit. And it will! So this is not the material/colour the actual dress will be.

New Mink Pink dress ($10 from Landes) - actually too short/cut away on the sides to wear as a dress without tights - and my grey over-the-knees.

Scrummaging through Mum's wardrobe and found this old vintage dress of hers. I actually really like it, if it was shorter (I'm holding it up in these pics) - I want to put it up but she won't let me ):

Another from Mum's old wardrobe. It's very business-y but it's sorta casual enough if it's a bit shorter. We'll see ;)

And just in case you're interested in random aspects of my life...

Homemade pizza topping; me making the most of my naughty friend and taking an arty shot; playing around with the focus on my new camera; chocolate bear Mum bought me; last year's formal ring - still loves it; Saints bracelet I quickly made yesterday after spotting random ribbon of the right colours.

How's that for a post, hey? ;) Oh, and just open the pics in a new window for full size, I just made them smaller so they'd fit here.

Y x


that girl lucy said...

that vintage floral dress is so gorgeous, some of my favourite stuffs stolen from my mum's wardrobe ;) shame you can't shorten it - maybe you could just use a belt to put it up?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, your mums dress is really nice. The business one looks good as it is, I dont reckon you need to shorten it. Cant wait to see your formal dress exciting!! and the background of your pictures look really rustic, i love it. Pizza looks amazing!

Vivien Mary said...

Love the first photo of you in your mums dress!

Anonymous said...

lovely outfits!
gorgeous picture!

I now follow you feel free to follow me :)

Anonymous said...

loving these photos, really beautiful
your blog has great inspiration, keep it up!
thanks for sharing this post, love it


Steph said...

I hope you find your boots sweets! Good luck

Loving the photos, and that dress of your Mums - how awesome. Mkaes me wish I had my Mum (and her closet) close at hand too!


Anonymous said...

Love your style, soo georgeous:)

t said...

Those floral dresses are cute!

Anonymous said...

yeeeeah saints bracelet (L)
awesome win against the bulldogs on friday night ;)

cute post!
keep in touch :)
lady stardust x