Thursday, June 3, 2010

everything will always be alright when we go shopping

Finished early today, came home and slept for a couple hours (sick) and then spent a little while on blogs. Now watching Neighbours.

Just some shots from a couple of weeks ago...

My friend and I during the school musical we helped out in. My (almost) finished vest!

Another friend's 18th birthday pressy, took me a lot longer to make than it should have due to my very out-dated sewing machine.

FINALLY GOT THESE BOOTS! Was on my way to Payless to see if they had them again but popped into Rubi on the way and there they were! Have worn them so much since buying and they are ridiculously comfy and no blisters, which is amazing for me!
All from a much-needed shopping spree: boots $49.95 and spider tights $9.95 (ended up taking them back due to them being all stuck together) from Rubi; heels $10 (!!!) from Betts; grey, and black and white tops $4.95 from Factorie; jeans $12 from Deborah K (Tyte brand); and flower ring $7 from Diva. Yep, I'm a bargain hunter.

Wearing some of the new stuff the next day.

Y x


Princess said...

I bought the same spider stockings!
Excellent choice :)

Lumedisco said...

Wow I love your boots!!

Erin Nicole said...

nice!! the boots are great!! love bargains

Anonymous said...

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