Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the turtle wished that it could fly, really high into the sky

Aww, Juno soundtrack!

Some Photo Booth pics - the last 2 are from before parties on Sat/Sun nights (day off yesterday!) and the first is just a random time when I liked my hair I think ;)

In the second, I'm wearing a new Rimmel (I think) lipstick I got for $2, brightest pink ever, except you can't really tell here! And yeeep, my dad's study is a mess! I'm enjoying being blonde (:

Y x


that girl lucy said...

aww your actually that pretty!
and your hair is amazing. jealous :o

Michael said...

This will probably seem creepy because I don't even know you, but you're really pretty, and your hair is amazing!

Michael said...

Also, totally awkward because I now realise my comment is exactly the same as that girl before me. Oh well.

Yve said...

Hahaha, thank-you both ;)

Nicole Jarecz said...

i love the 2nd photo - your hair and lipstick are great!

Steph said...

Haha thanks babe. I love smiling so =)

You're looking gorgeous! In love with you hair, it's amazing. And yes, denim vests are like a staple. You just need one. I'm about to find one for myself too.


Anonymous said...

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Stace said...

that lippy is a great colour!
I'm so bad at putting it on :(
hair = gorgeous too xx

that girl lucy said...

just checked out your gorgeous photography blog - jealous of your skills & camera! and i'm still also jealous of your amazing hair x

Sara said...