Thursday, December 3, 2009

fashion is the only cure

Sleeping in is the best thing ever, maybe. I've been consistently sleeping until 10am, but really should get to bed earlier 'cause I'm still a bit drained even after 10 or 11 hours sleep. Dad drove me to get my VET stuff this morning but they kept my dress 'cause they might use it in the fashion show next week. I doubt it. Okay, so doing fashion in uni/TAFE would be amazing. Went into the room to collect my stuff: huge room, hardly any people, cooled from the heat outside, making gorgeous dresses.

My face did get burnt yesterday, damn it, so got some face sunscreen today because normal stuff is too greasy. All set for summer now? Me thinks yes. Apart from fake tan fading weirdly so my arms are slightly scaly-looking. Will fix that soon ;)

Trammed it to Camberwell, all the while on the phone to SS which was nice, REALLY need a good catch up - probs Sunday night, yay! Got chips and drinks with NG and furthered our plan of becoming WAGs... atm we're thinking Brownlow 2012 should be do-able. We are so serious, it's not even funny. Okay, it's very funny but still. It will happen! 'We just always look this hot; my lips are just naturally this glossy...' - hahaha, good times. JC joined us and the weather got soo windy while we were sheltered inside. So glad I went to the beach yesterday! Mmm, and then they made me tram home by myself. Good friends.

This was my computer/phone background for quite a while, someone's actually drawn it, I think on a computer program. But yeah, I do enjoy it.

Mwah, Y x

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nic said...

2012 brownlow, i'm so pumped yve
we better start on becoming a WAG soon. i'm thinking we should invite ourselves over to shannons haha