Saturday, December 5, 2009

it's a girl's life

Officially can't wait for Neighbours 2010. Just watched last night's ep which I missed 'cause I was at JC's. God, I love this face; Lyn tells Susan she still loves Paul, Susan's response:
Speaking of Neighbours, my friends saw them in Gloria Jeans (yes, I am friends with a balloon (: )...
I think I am way more excited (coughjealouscough) than I should be about this.

So anyway, Neighbours is not my whole life, contrary to thoughts produced by the above words/images. Yesterday, I did a bit of snipping of t-shirts and the like.

The front hasn't really curled properly but I love the back, very beachy (notice the bikinis (: oh and the Tiffany & Co. key necklace, courtesy of daddy dearest from his time in USA!). Also, cut a little more of this one that I previously cut similarly to the above a couple of months ago (inspired by mybfcloset).
Mmm, thinking it comes down a bit too low at the back, maybe even for the beach? Scratch that. Nothing's too low or short or skimpy for the beach.

So, do you like the blog better with more pics? 'Cause I still have a bit to write so sorry if this post is too long!

After my little creative spurt in the morning (yesterday) I met JC at the station and got the train to hers, picked up DVD, walked back to station, caught train one more station, walked to her house, walked to op shop (good one too - got bag $1, belt $2, skirt $3), met her old friends, took a bus, walked to another friend's to pick up Friends DVD, walked back to hers. Then picked up NG a bit later, got food, ate out the back with muzikk. N & I looked up kids shows for a bit of nostalgia and discovered pretty much anyone who was in anything was also in Neighbours. This was prompted by discovering that Casey from Girl TV is now in Hi-5 and we proceeded to look up Sleepover Club, Foreign Exchange, Blue Water High, Parallax, The Saddle Club. Good stuff.

Anyways, so then we watched the DVD we picked up, Greta, a Hilary Duff one (starring and executively producing) that never got to cinemas, no wonder. Boring-est movie ever. The guy - 'Julie', wtf?! - was cute but had a high voice and no shoulders... Diana Ross' grandson apparently. Then chucked on Friends season 4, not sure how many eps we watched but we all woke up at 5 and moved to J's room, where we slept till like 8 when J got up to be at work at 9. N & I stayed in bed till 10, had a couple of crepes from J's mum (yummo) then headed down to J's work. Got a drink but N had to leave. Checked out 'cute new guy' at J's cafĂ©, okay (:

Dad picked me up and I had to rush to make chocolate truffles for my footy team bbq. Was good fun, got there late but not a big turnout anyway. Had some inappropriate convos while trying not to let the parents hear, haha. Puppy has grown so much - he used to come to games, so cute! Still cute. One of the girls is going to Brazil for 10 months in January so she won't be playing next year, I'm so jealous though!

May not post tomorrow, going out for lunch then to SS's overnight.

Have a good one, Y x


thegoodkind said...

love the burnt shoulders

inf.23 said...

well done on the snipping the tee! that's awesome.. i'm just skimming these posts :) but yayy.
and and i see 'friends' :) haha