Tuesday, December 22, 2009

rollin' with the homies

So, Sunday, trying to remember what I did before the party. Where Is The Love playing is not helping (always kinda knew the song but finally downloaded it like a week ago). Mmm, skip to the party. Mother and father drove me down, luckily did NOT ask to see the parents ;) A few people there when I arrived, more arrived soon after.
Kinda had to be there to understand this photo ;) You can't really see the amazing shoes here, but trust me, they are amazing. And the new dress. Cops turned up at one stage, only for a noise complaint, but it was a bit funny. Hardly mentioned the drinking or smoking. Settled into bed at about 2 or so I think, and then the talking started again at 5, so yep, good night's sleep :|

Did manage to get another hour or so at 7:30 after some people had left (YES SOME CRAZY MOFOS LEFT THAT EARLY). We ended up leaving pretty early too, at 9. I didn't know how to get home by myself so had to go with (almost) the last lot. When we got into the city, VD & I got a Boost and sat outside State. Got home about 11 and fell into bed and slept for a few hours. Just made me more tired though ): No idea when I'm actually going to not feel tired. Saw Away We Go at the Nova with the parentals, shared two cherry ripe choc tops between the three of us, drooool. Movie was cute. Some extremely funny parts.

Today, I was honestly going to start my maths homework but yeah, you guessed it. Did fold the washing and wash up though. And looked at fashion blogs = v. productive.

Been wanting to go blonde for ages, LOVE this. My hair is pretty much like this apart from the colour... reckon I could pull it off?
See more here. Also, loving that top - loose and comfy.

RIP Brittany Murphy. Going to JC's tonight, will probably watch Clueless.

Y x

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i can imagine... said...

please don't go blonde! i love your hair! your hair is amazing! best colour ever!

xx minna