Saturday, December 19, 2009

this whole city's black and white

So a few weeks ago, I got completely sick of having any sort of fringe (over the last couple of years I've been switching between side and front fringes) and gave myself a middle part. Because I still had evidence of my old fringe, I pinned the front bits back a little and received positive feedback. But now I'm getting bored with the middle part and so I need good ways to wear my hair (:

Found this on Hopefully I can pull off the side plait - think my hair would be that long if I plaited it, but the part around my face may not be. Also from that blog, check this and this out! Looks completely fake, right?! DEFINITELY do not like those as much.

And just randomly...
More studs! Really want to do some diy studding! (from same blog)

Loving the shoulders of these two tops:

(first from Urban Outfitters, second from same blog as above)

Got a new dress today - took advantage of the opening specials at the TEMT that's just opened right near me - a whole bunch of dresses are all $20, including maxis (and the one I got a couple of months ago for $40). The one I got today is black and white - perfect for the partay tomorrow night - and lacey and pretty (: There will be photos taken on the night I'm sure. Also borrowed JC's amazing white heels that are surprisingly comfy! Hopefully will be a good night.

Yesterday - washed up, made choc truffles (AH-gain), washed up again and didn't do much else. Did even less today, apart from going up the street to get my dress...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend, Y x