Monday, January 18, 2010

just take off your shoes, you've nothing left to lose

Wow, it's been a while. 9 days. Sorry.

Lots of new shoes (: And dresses... Last Sunday went shopping, got 3 dresses for $15 each and a $20 skirt from TEMT and then went and bought a pair of flats and a pair of sandals from Novo to wear for work. The sandals gave me the worst blisters ever (I'm talking raw skin) after 5 minutes of walking, so I took them off to walk home and stepped on something which is still in my foot and giving me quite immense pain. Here's the skirt (adorable, huh?), will post pics of the dresses/shoes soon...

Then got another pair of shoes (cutest!) from Quick Brown Fox on Saturday for $12 (weeowww!) and now Mum has given me an old pair of hers! A bit big but still good. Was going to go take pics of them now but nah, sorry. Soon, I promise!

Worked Monday, then drove down to Anglesea until Wed night. Mainly bummed, watched season 2 of Gossip Girl (hadn't in so long!) and was pretty tired the whole time. Worked everyday since Thursday till today ($$$$$) and now have a couple of days off. Mum came up and met me in my break yesterday, had a hot choccie/coffee and she bought me some $2 undies from Cotton On Body, cute!

Applied for my Tax File Number this morning and fixed up my bank account so I'll get an ATM card and get more interest and shizz. Hopefully the TFN comes soon so I can actually get the money from all my work hours!

I made a tumblr last week but then deleted it. Now I have a weheartit. Same thing but easier, basically just pics I like. Hopefully I'll update it often so keep checking back (: Possibly means less photos on here (apart from my own) but I guess I didn't post that many anyway. I also have a Chictopia but it's not great, I still don't have photoshop so if I want to crop them, I have to 'grab' my pictures (a program like taking a screenshot) and then edit, if I do, in Word. So, not looking that good.

Sorry for such a short, boring post. Lovers you all. Also, thinking of changing up my layout a bit, what do you think?

Y x

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