Tuesday, February 23, 2010

fashion, put it all on me, don't you wanna see these clothes on me?

Went to Camberwell Market on Sunday, and ended up with 10 things for $17!

Here are some from shots I took on JC's cam yesterday evening, took a lot longer than you'd think! I need some stuff to put in my folio, models appreciated!

I made this dress last year! White thing from Supré ($10) - shhh, shoes from Quick Brown Fox ($12).

Hehe, pussy cat ^ Top from Camberwell Market ($1), vintage belt, KMart leggings, Novo shoes.

LOVE this lacy-sleeved top! From Camberwell market ($3), necklace from Camberwell Market ($3), Bonds singlet, leggings as above, shoes from Mollini (my last year's formal shoes).

My hair is only back like this because I'd just washed it, and my hair is ugly and fluffy.

Y x


AttemptingStyle said...

lovee that second look!

edennn.love said...

your pictures neverrrrr work on my browser :S