Wednesday, March 3, 2010

now who inspires you?

I just recently discovered this photographer - a 17 year old girl from Melbourne, just like me. A published photographer, unlike me. She specialises in fashion photography, and from what I've seen/read, her 18 year old boyfriend is also a photographer, and they do shoots together sometimes. Anyway, their work is really amazing, and seriously inspires me. Her name is Nirrimi Hakanson and his, Matt Caplin.

Check out their flickrs: Nirrmi and Matt, Nirrimi's portfolio, and her blog.

I just found these photos on Nirrimi's flickr - I've seen these a couple of times on random blogs ages back, and I can't believe they're hers!

I hope these inspire you as much as they do me.

Y x


Anonymous said...

gorgeous photos
loving the inspiration
fun and ethereal
thanks for sharing as always
love your blog, keep it up


Stace said...

She's amazinggggg - when I first heard she was 17 (like me) I died with envy.


vivienmary said...

The model in the last two photos on the left went to my school, so weird!

Anonymous said...

sureeee do, they're amazing!

lady stardust x