Monday, March 29, 2010

there's a ladder in my tights and that's the way, uh huh, i like it

Got another 9 things from Camberwell market yesterday, all for $18 :D

Maybe finally buying a DSLR tomorrow! Probably going with the Nikon D90 as it is much cheaper than the Canon and there is also a $200 cashback till the end of March. So, then I will post pics of my new purchases!

Saved a pic of jewelled/studded tights yesterday, and now going through my 'pants/shorts/leggings/tights' folder, I'm discovering that I also saved a couple more a while back. Definitely want some or to diy some for Winter!

The shoes in that last pic almost look like the ones I posted in my last post, apart from the peep-toe.

Speaking of tights, I wore these green/pink old ones of Mum's today and the lady at the blood bank thought I had some kind of disease. May not wear them again... ;)

Some other amazing tights ideas...

(all from various blogs, didn't save the http, sorry!)

Yay for tights, yay for Winter! Really need to go through my many, many clothes very soon...

Y x

P.S. Wish me luck with this camera business!


justine said...

hi girlie ;)

i cant see the pics, my comp's shit

Charmaine Li said...

i am really craving two-toned tights after this post!

ryder said...


this season is so cool

MEF said...

i love all this leggings!! and your blog! follow

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