Sunday, April 4, 2010

all i did last easter, all i did was paint some eggs

Sooo, I got the Nikon D90! Been testing it the past couple of days. Handed it over to Dad yesterday to take some shots of me. Ignore the outfit (and my whiteness!), but the photos are pretty nice and sharp, hey?

Also, went to the footy last night. Hells yeah, Sainters!

And today, was Easter and Dad's birthday so had some of the fam over for a bbq. Took a lot of photos of people, especially my 5 boy cousins, and some of food/other stuff but cbf posting now. Maybe in a few days.

Finally booked in to go blonde on Tues! Bit nervous though, now!

Also, I have to give
this blog a massive wrap. When I came across it a couple of months ago, I went through every post of hers with the label diy and her stuff is so inspiring. You HAVE to check out her latest, where she produces her own version of Miu Miu pink bird shoes. She HAND PAINTS the birds on. Just. Amazing.
Miu Miu:


Seriously, check it out.

Y x


Ugly Cute said...

awesome, i need a new cam so bad!


Clare said...

Lovely and clear photos! I'm sure you'll look great blonde and those fake miu mius are ace!

tweet tweet tweet


Sky Pies said...

Good choice! That camera is supposed to be amazing. read lots of great reviews about it. I just got the Nikon D3000. I've never had a dslr before so that should be a nice little entry camera.

I read that post the other day as well about the diy shoes and might seriously try that. I just don't trust my swallow painting skills!!

miss_vogue said...

yeah i need a camera too! that looks great :)

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I really need to upgrade my camera! I love that striped skirt! Thank you so much for posting my fake mius! you are so sweet. Can't wait to see you blonde ;) said...

cute skirt! your adorble <3
thanks for the comment back!

Anonymous said...

wow i love your blog!

you live in melbourne
barack for the ONLY team, st kidla ;)
& speak german (?) - judging by your blog title at least :)

are we long lost twins? haha

come say hey at my new blog -

lady stardust

Charlotte Elise Jay said...


Love your outfit and pics !!

Ill keep reading your blog :)

Georgia said...

i saw this post too! so creative, i loved it! x

justine said...

as if we lost by that much!!!!! i'm embarrased