Monday, March 15, 2010

you used to call me your dreamer, and now i'm living out my dream

^^ This song is so sad ):

Currently writing maths notes for my SAC next week. Yep, yuck.

Fashion news:
My skirt in VET is going well, hopefully will finish it this Wednesday, just need to buy and put in the zips, hem it and finish the waistband (: Liking it so far; will post pics when it's done!
I'm probably making my formal dress, the VET teachers said it shouldn't be too bad, the hardest thing will be making sure the bodice stays up! I just need to buy a pattern and we'll go from there. This is my inspiration, probably going to make the pink/orange bits blue (apparently it'll bring out my eyes ;) ).

Looked at some DSLRs with Dad last Thurs before work. Mainly have to choose between the Nikon D90 and the Canon 550D/50D. Pretty much gonna spend allll my money, but hopefully it'll be worth it. Any comments on these cameras? (:

Ooh, we sprayed our hair today in house colours for World's Greatest Shave. Dip dye (LLLLLL)

Also, going blonde in the holidays!

Y x


Princess said...

That's all.

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

I love your colored tips!!! I need a new camera really bad, let me know what you think of the one you get.

J said...

miley cyrus?

rosanguyen said...

An honest tip, don't get a 550 the only difference from that and the 500 is better video quality, having video on a DSLR is quite pointless in my opinion.
Good luck with making your formal dress :)

gee. said...

you're going blonde?!
woohoo formal dress. I'm excited to see it. if you need me to sequin anything you know who to call haha.