Sunday, July 4, 2010

these little black sandals saved my life today

I found this picture of
Clémence Poésy on Studded Hearts last night. She looked familar but I wasn't sure who she was at first so I wikied her, and she played Fleur in Harry Potter! Anyway, the point is, she's wearing my shoes! I posted this picture way back in January, my sandals are from Wittner but I don't think a rich French model/actress would buy shoes from an Australian (?) shoe shop...

Click the pictures to see them bigger :)

Off to the footy soon.

Y x


that girl lucy said...

haah how awesome is that? you both look lovely rocking those hot wittner sandals!

Emma said...

i looove her style its amazing, and love your skirt!

STEPH said...

Cool! I looove the sandals they are very cool. How much were they?

Thank you SO much for your comment before, that totally made my day as I have a slight girl crush on Jessica Stroup. Very sweet of you.


{ I V Y } said...

my gosh, they're schveeet!