Monday, December 14, 2009

happiness is a firecracker

Got 44 for PE. So so happy. Was freaking out that I would get so much less... Didn't even look at the text with the result for ages, but then ZG called me and made me. Love that girl! All my friends did amazingly well, so proud of them all!

Really haven't done much today except talk about results with people - over the phone/text/facebook...

I'm brown atm, ready for Torquay tomorrow! Feel like I should post a bunch of awesome pictures since I'm not writing much. Okay, these are just off Photobucket/Flickr...

So obviously this looks freaking amazing, not too practical though ;)

My daddy got me a hat a bit like this from a street market on the Upper West Side of NYC when he was in America, it's really cute (:

Pretty much obsessed with the beach, since it's summer and all. I want a stomach like that! I also need a hat, would probably like it a bit floppier than this but I love how the trim on this one kinda matches the bikinis.

I enjoy this, it's probably the hair and sunnies but she really rocks the plaid...

... as does MK.

I love the studs on the vest.
(open the image in a new window to see the original size)

Hey, so, let me know about any amazing fashion photography/ers you know of since I need to start collecting inspiration for art next year. Also, let me know if you'll model for me, if you're hot and/or have awesome-o clothes. Or just want to model, really I'm not fussy (:

Loves ya, Y x


inf.23 said...

congrats on PE missy! thought i'd pay you back and check out your blogg :) you're probs a lot more constant at it than me!
love ish

thegoodkind said...

so, the whole time i saw in paris last year, i was looking for a hat like that. you better lend me in winter!