Sunday, December 13, 2009

hold on tight, it's a crazy night

Sooo, three days since I last posted...
Friday I slept in till 11.45, so good! But only 'cause I'd worked out how to use wifi on my phone that night so I'd stayed on fb while in bed till late. Packed up my shizz to go to Bendigo and headed into the city to meet up with SS. Got lunch/looked for outfits for the party/looked at chains for jewellery. Really really want to start making my own jewellery, esp. chain-y stuff, if anyone knows anywhere in Melbourne that sells chains for less than $6/metre -  hit me up, much appreciated. Think it would be an easy/cheap (maybe) idea for Chrissy presents as well. Gosh, Christmas is getting really close now! Anyway, so we didn't find any outfits, but this place in MC had things for devil/bunny/mermaid (shell bra!) and I really wanted to just stock up in case of future dress up parties ;) I refrained though. So then S left to catch a train and I walked up to Mum's work where Dad picked us up. Got Lebanese sweets and pizzas from Sydney Rd and drove up to Bendigo.

Yesterday, we were gonna go and see a foal that Dad has a share in, but the owners of the place where it's kept weren't home. So I just lazed a bit while Mum & Dad mowed and shtuff (yerp, I'm a good daughter). Actually, I was washing/drying/curling my hair, and getting packed up, 'cause I had to train back to Melbs for the partay. Met S at 7ish after buying her Milkos :D Got Indian for din dins (incl. mango lassi - yummm!), then headed out to Carlton. JB and IW ended up getting on our tram so we chatted (probably inappropriately) and perfected outfits till we got to the stop. At this point I put my heels on and forced the others to walk slowly enough for me haha. When we got to the front fence, there was no raging music and it was still very much light so we wandered up to the end of the street. Since I still didn't really have a 'steretypical' outfit, I chucked on my construction worker's vest and tied it up in the front... 'token female tradie' apparently. Took photos on benches, with poles, etc. ;) Walked back to the house, there were a few people there but not many at that stage. S & I camwhored in the toilets for a bit, as you do...

Yeah huh, she's hot. So, more people arrived and it turned into a pretty good night of trampolining, dancing, drinking, eating, mingling (or so to speak :P), yeah. Fun (: S's parentals came at 12.20 (so we did end up getting an extra 20 mins!) and got back to hers before 1am. Went through our photos (her camera/my phone) and just chatted about the night's happenings ;)

Got up... actually I dunno what time, this morning... possibly about 9? Made pancakes, and had S's berries from the other day, they were gooood. She'd also made homemade ice-cream with them, drooool. Decorated the xmas tree and opened the day's advent calendar flap/drawer. Then we headed out to the farmers market, where we tried curries, meringues and cheeses. Mmm-mmm. Followed on to an arts and craft market where I got  a few things - KK present, phew! Also went into the library for a little bit, made me want to go to my local on the way home but turned out I didn't have my library card. Hmph. But anyway, rushed to the station to catch the train back to the city which subsequently didn't leave for another 15 minutes. Whatever, I was so tired anyway.

Was supposed to be going to Torquay tomorrow for the day with some of the girls but now we're going Tues - way better weather for it. Results tomorrow too, probs gonna be a bad day for me... 

Here's hoping, Y x

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