Thursday, December 17, 2009

i'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour

Got up early early Tuesday to get into the city and catch the train to Geelong. Train trip was okay, then got the bus out to somewhere near the beach. Train ride and bus ride respectively...
JC's camera with the 'darker skin tone' setting, ha. Wandered for a little while, not knowing EXACTLY where we were going but soon found the surfboard hire place and a bakery where we (minus me) got food. Then we walked to the beach and set up camp (but not really, just our towels). J & I went for a little walk, taking some photos and some of the other girls surfed/sunbaked (coughslept).

Then we decided to dig a hole big enough for both of us, with tools NC had brought, which started with a small hole which we thought would be too hard to build bigger so making another smallish one and then kinda connecting them anyway. Fun :D
Ended up (almost) breaking a spade and a sieve and burying a rake :P Aaaanyway, turned out awesome. N & NS then got in the holes, we filled the holes in and then they had a race to see who could get out more quickly, funny to watch.
So then we went exploring in some rock pools, where we found...
a crab!
Yerrrp, after that we headed back to return the boards, get fush n chups, thickshakes and a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and nuts :D We had to rush for the bus, the last one of the day back to the station, so if we missed it, basically we would've been f***ed. Luckily, we got there with about 2 minutes to spare. Didn't have to wait too long for the train and had some funny moments when the driver announced 'the next station is not Geelong' (he actually said North Geelong) and then 'the next station is not sure' (North Shore). Had some loud laughs. Got home about 7:30 methinks.

Had to get up early again yesterday for final assembly of the year. 2 duxes (right plural form?). Picked up a 'sport award' and ETHOS was a good read (but still with a couple of mistakes/typos that made me cringe). Headed out to Williamstown afterwards with VD and stacked on the sunscreen. Had good times making whirlpools in the water while playing 'ball' bahaha. Ate chips and drank hot hot flat soft drinks, which surprisingly aren't as bad as you would think. Someone went and got ice at one stage and it was amazing. Also, the sand was so hot, I think the soles of my feet actually got burnt ): But anyway, was worth it for a fun day. Got home about 6ish (after missing 2 trams and then waiting for another that didn't come so getting on one that takes longer to get home |: ). Went out for Vietnamese, so many druggies on Victoria St. Got nice food though, vermicelli with shredded vegies but couldn't eat it all so took it home. Turned out it got left in the hot car all night though, so still yet to discover whether it's any good.

Didn't do much today at all, was planning to START the holiday homework, and haven't even started Christmas shopping. Did go and pick up my VET dress though, I'm thinking it COULD possibly work with a belt, way too loose otherwise. Got to the library as well (found my library card!) and got some Eng Lang books and one each on knitting, crocheting (inspired by SS) and what to do with photos. Will probably not open any of them in the near future. Ooh, totally started Skins today! Not completely obsessed yet, maybe 'cause the third season moves more quickly? Only watched 1 1/2 eps though so hopefully it gets betterrr (:

Probs gonna miss out on the free thing at Fitness First as it starts on Saturday and you're meant to sign up a week in advance and I don't have anyone to go with, dammit! May see J again tomorrow, not sure yet though.

Y x

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