Thursday, December 10, 2009

i've been missing your strawberry kisses

Yesterday went berry picking. Definitely much more than that though, since it was an hour train ride, waiting for the bus for half an hour, at least half an hour ON the bus and then walking a few kms to get there. Wouldn't have been too bad if it hadn't been so warm!

But anyway, the actual berry picking. We went to the cherry part of the farm first and then had to keep walking to find the 'berry' part. The strawberries and raspberries were to. die. for. Seriously delicious. Ate so many I didn't even end up making a whole kilo to take home. They're on the table now, not as lovely as yesterday but still tasting damn good! This is what they looked like yesterday, and the vines s2
(still using my phone for photos, but I should be getting a camera back soon!)

It was actually the most ridiculous walk to get back to the bus stop, we didn't know exactly where it was so just kept walking. Luckily the bus came fairly soon after we found it. And then at the next stop, we picked up a bunch of ones that left loooong before us. Funneh.

Got to Camberwell and got gelati. As you do. $7.50 for basically 2 containers. Got told off for eating 'take-away' at their outside tables, but not like seriously - didn't stop us eating ;)
Continued on to Woolworths Safeway and got: cooking chocolate, condensed milk, normal chocolate, cream, lollies... anything else? After all those berries, food like that is not particularly appreciated.

Met MLF back at the station and trained to her house, for pictionary, 'werewolf', and choclate ganache (made from the cooking chocolate and cream) to dip the berries *spew* into. Ahh sooo yum. The boys (and some of the girls) were gone by 12 or something so then the rest of us girlies had some D&M time, including would you rather and I have never. Slept at 4ish. This post feels quite brief. 

I can't believe almost everyone got up early and was gone by like 9. Carazayy. M came in after that and we chatted, VD still asleep. When V woke up, had corn flakes with condensed milk for brekky. sjkgfhdjksf so good :D but gross... Had some fun time on youtube, first with lurrrrve skins haha; then this: skip the first 30 secs, but God, SO funny. New love, Rashman and Rashpocket. Something V knew about, so glad she did. So yeah, after that... probably shouldn't mention it on here, top secret ;) Got M's first 3 frankies to read over the hols too (: Oh, and Pride and Prejudice the movie, so now I have them AND Skins to get through.

V and I trained to Parliament, okay the escalators are just stupid. They are SO. BIG. Like I couldn't look up OR down. And there are 2. Ridick. Aaaanyway, left her at Bourke St and met up with JC in the mall, then got sushi. Left my berries at the sushi place and had to rush back, the guy had put the container in the fridge, nawww. Went to Big W to print off one of The Satorialist's photos for J to get signed by him, 'cause he's in Aus and was in Melbs this evening signing his book. But his book is just photos from his site so there's really no point getting the book so hopefully she was able to just get the pic signed. J? Btw, you should check out her blog. Oh, and we went into this bookshop on Swanston, level 3... so many places in/around the city we don't know about so I reeeeally want to explore every street one at a time! I'm sure there's so much I'm missing out on!

So, came home this arvo, and even though I was tired, I didn't feel too bad. I cleaned the cats' fur (they are losing so much right now) off their sleeping quarters and did the washing up. Should really start my holiday homework soon too. Party Sat night, theme: clich├ęs/stereotypes. Any suggestions?

You know you love me, Y x

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