Saturday, January 2, 2010

i know that it’s true, it's gonna be a good year

Sooo, guess I should post something since it's been... 5 days? Hmm, what did I even do?!

Well, went driving on Thursday morning, manual on a gravel road. Not too bad, but ended up swerving to miss a lizard; good reactions Yve. Not. Dad had to grab the wheel and spin it back onto the road, lucky there was no massive tree nearby! This was in Bendigo, we went back up on the Tuesday. Oh yeah, and Wednesday we went to family friends' who have 2 young kids. Was okay but I was so tired I even fell asleep on the couch at one stage!

So after my drive we went back to Melbs and I caught the train/bus with NC to ZG's for our last night of 2009! AD turned up a little later too. Had a fun time, eating and playing Guitar Hero and Mario Kart. It went from so so hot to like cool and raining at I don't even know what time, and we went out and sat under the verandah while it rained. SO good! Just before the countdown we ran outside and popped party poppers, wooo. But we saved most of them for just after midnight. Also, had to have a shot of vodka just as the new year hit so even if we went to NO other parties the rest of the year, we could say we'd drunk in 2010 ;) Played Wii for a bit longer and fell asleep to Skins about 4am or so.

Woke up at like 12 and had nachos and cheese & tomato jaffles. Yummm. Mum picked me up at the station and we (and my brother) went to the botanical gardens for a walk and hot chocolate (: Came home and then I went for another drive, automatic this time. Wasn't tooo bad. Had a run in the evening, JUST before the thunder started. Wish it had rained just a BIT while I'd been running, I love that!

Today, went up to the supermarket/shopping centre. Novo has a sign up for a part-time position so gonna take up my resumé tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed! Aaand, have just been over at my uncle's as my cousin with the beautiful bub was there. Naww she is so cute! 

I have written too much and have no images to add. Oh! But you know how I've mentioned studded denim a couple of times? I re-found this old jacket/shirt of my dad's from the 70s, and I used to wear it in like early primary school haha. But it's like a really light wash with all these round studs and it actually turned my outfit today from something I was not so happy in to something I felt good in (: So yay!

There is now a pussy cat sitting on my lap, waiting for some food so I better get onto that.

HAPPY 2010, hope it's your best year yet!

Y, x

Oh, P.S. I went shopping with JC (who is now in NZ!) on Tuesday, before we left. In Dakota 501, she got this pretty amazing dress, but there was also this chain thing that was on one of the mannequins. $60! I really want to make one. Just need a whole bunch of chains and some material. The material on this one was black and the dress it was over (it kinda went around the shoulders/arms) was also black so I actually thought it was part of the dress. I can't find any pictures on their site, but I think I'll have to go back there and check out exactly how it has been made...

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