Monday, January 4, 2010

we'll do things and we'll go places

Drove again Sat night and then again yesterday. Wooo. And then afterwards (yesterday) met up with NG in Camby for lunchies. 'Spensive! So got a hot choccie at another place where it was cheaper and wayyy big. We saw Fuzzy! Exciting :D

Ooh, may have the job at Novo if all goes well tomorrow - have a trial/interview. Any tips? Giving blood beforehand so hopefully I won't be too out of it. But because I got my belly button pierced less than 4 months ago, they'll only take the platelets (?) from my blood and not anything else. Lame! I'm hoping I won't bruise again as I did the last time I gave blood.

Last night went over to family friends'.
I look small haha. Was funnnn, didn't do much but that's the best! Reeeally should start cooking some vego meals; hit me up with any faves, thanks (:

Mum's back at work this week so won't be able to take me driving every day (and also it'll be busier 'cause it's not the weekend) but maybe Dad will take me out at some stage. Tried to do some more maths homework this morning, but no thank-yewww! Really was not feeling it.

Oh, hey hey, I found this pic on skinnybitching - I got one of these hats when I went to Disney Land in 1999! Mine's red (: And says my name on the back in swirly yellow writing.
It never really sat properly on my head but anyway... Brings back memories. I definitely want to go back to USA in the next few years.

Hopefully I can get something productive done today, and cross your fingers that everything goes well at Novo tomozzle.

Y x

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justine said...

you didnt tell me about this novo thing!