Tuesday, January 5, 2010

what a beautiful life, what a beautiful world

Watched episode 1 of The Beautiful Life yesterday. It's something Ashton Kutcher co-created but didn't last on TV so went to YouTube. Not sure if I'm stuck on it quite yet. Beautiful people though... Check out Mischa Barton's eye make-up!
And the other girl is Sara Paxton, I knew her from Sydney White.

iPod screwed up again today, the 'next song' button was somehow stuck on and so it just kept skipping through songs. After lots of pressing, finally got it back to normal but I reckon it's gonna keep doing it. Time for an upgrade soon? But no. I'm saving.

Oh! I got the job :D So I'll be able to save mooooore (and spend more). Did a 15 minute trial just greeting people and offering help etc., and manager said I was good, especially for someone with no retail (or any) experience. So woo! Starting tomorrow. And gave blood this morning too.

Not much else to say. Took some photos with our old family camera and my tripod today; sorry about the over exposed-ness of the first, I couldn't find a place without the sun sneaking in, and I have no access to Photoshop anymore (I edited the second so you could see the wedges better in Word!)...
Wedges were $5 from an op shop, but new :D Lady Danger top, vintage belt, Cotton On skirt. You can't tell in the photo but I really stuffed up on the fake tan on my legs last night, better go fix it up!

Y x


Tariro said...

I loved that show so it sucks that its off TV now. Love the outfit!

jade_g said...

I can't see the first photo :(
absolutely LOVE the skirt
want to hit up camberwell market Sunday?
I am DYING to buy a million pairs of shoes to see me through the year. Woot for year 12 and no uniform!

Lilo said...

haha i watched all 5 episodes on youtube, it's not a great series but i'm sad they cancelled it...it was quite...entertaining :)